Zero Wing All Your Base Are Belong To Us Shadowbox 8x10 Classic Retrogaming Art Shadow Box Diorama by Glitch Artwork


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Zero Wing All Your Base Are Belong To Us Shadowbox 8x10 Classic Retrogaming Art Shadow Box Diorama by Glitch Artwork


This has got to be the silliest thing I’ve made.

Based on the Sega Genesis port of the 1989 arcade game Zero Wind. This is my comic book style love letter to the, shall we say, “inelegant” translation of the opening cut scene.

I thought it might be time for another wave All Your Base nostalgia. It hearkens back to a simpler time when the Internet only had capacity for three jokes until new punch cards were fed into The Woz’s PDP-11, and transmitted via a 2400 baud modem until Mom picked up the phone. Anyways, my memory is not absolutely perfect, so the main message here is that all your base belong to us, you have no chance to survive make your time for great justice. Thanks.

Some notes of the making of this shadowbox—

I’ve been meaning to work with comic book style panels for a while, and this was a fun opportunity to figure all that stuff out. This is more like five Glitch’s rather than one. Each section’s design was about the same amount of work as a whole finished shadow box. In the future I’d like to do this with an indy comic book page. Might be a bit of fun.

It’s made from meticulously cut foamboard and textured cardstock. There are multiple tiers for a deep 3D effect that really pops. It looks more “poppy” once you get it in your hands. I made this in my spare bedroom.

For an idea about the actual size, please take a look at the lovely staged photo with the banana.


-The frame is 8" x 10", and is included.
-Solid MDF frame (not plastic)
-Ready to hang on a wall or stand on a table
-Best gift of all time for gamers and retrogamers
-I use only UV pigment inks and acid free materials for years of fade-free enjoyment

The frame is 8" x 10", and is included. (The glass has been removed for the photos, but yours will have glass).

Want to see me build a shadow box? Copy and paste the YouTube link into your address bar:

Thanks for looking!


Over the years since my I started making arcade shadow boxes, several new shops have started selling suspiciously similar products, with strikingly similar ad copy. Honestly, I’m a bit flattered that my ideas have caught on! The way they do their photography makes their products look a lot like mine, but they are more cheaply made, and therefore less durable.


-IMITATIONS DON’T USE FOAMBOARD—they use cardstock. Cardstock bends with humidity, and falls apart over time. It’s way cheaper and easier to use cardstock, but it will not hold up for more than a year in humid areas without bending up. It’s just fine to use unbacked cardstock if you only need it to last a little bit, like a party favor. I think art should last (especially if you’re giving it as a gift!), and I consider the longevity of the item in every single phase of the design and construction. Quality thick foamboard like mine doesn’t bend over time, and gives the piece a more 3D chunky look.

-IMITATIONS DON’T USE GLASS IN THEIR FRAMES—they use plastic. Plastic frames are cheaper to get, and cheaper to ship, but scratch way more easily and don’t look nearly as clear. Glass is very easy to clean without scratching, and doesn’t yellow or warp like plastic. It’s worth the extra care and packaging to ship glass frames. Remember, if the listing doesn’t specifically say GLASS, then it’s not GLASS!

-IMITATIONS USE LESS EXPENSIVE GLOSSY PRINTS instead of lightfast archival-quality pigmented inks. It’s way more expensive (and time consuming!) to print with professional quality inks, but I feel it’s worth it to prevent fading over time. Also, the matte look these quality inks have doesn’t have bad glares or reflections, so you don’t have to worry about your lighting hitting your art from a bad angle.

-IMITATIONS HAVE WHITE EDGES. Several of my beloved imitators don’t bother to blacken the edges of their cuts, so they have a cheaper look. That white edge I see on pretty much every imitator is very jarring and ugly to me, so I make sure that all my edges are the correct color to match the look of the piece. I have to paint the edges of the foamboard.

Yes, it’s WAY more work. Yes, it’s totally worth the extra work. :D

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Reviews (4)


Absolutely stunning. Bought it as a gift, and the craftsmanship is top touch! Great display piece for the arcade space.

i had been lurking on the Glitch Artwork shop for years, but i am always lacking the funds for a purchase like this. as soon as i saw this loving tribute to the most OG grandaddy of internet content, i had to go for it. the original All Your Base video was literally the first thing i ever watched on YouTube [well, that and the afro-ninja-nunchuck backflip guy], and i am so pleased to have this conversation-starter on display. seems like the perfect litmus test, i can't wait to see how many folks actually know what this is when the see it on display! so glad you made this! would love to see more in this vein.

This piece is gorgeous and so well done. I know that AYBABTU is absolutely ridiculous, but it's been making me laugh for 20+ years. I think that this is a very worthy and fitting thing to keep in my office where I can appreciate it.

Always incredible work, and nostalgia off the charts. Excellent work. For great justice.

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